To our Dear Friend Happy Birthday Jenta

Today is our dear friend Jenta’s birthday.

Last year Jenta left us and going back to the U.S.

We’re having a great time  in TutorWell, although it is not a great company at all, Jenta did help us to identify what is good or not.

Jenta said:Do not think the company will treat you well, from CEO perspective everyone just as a employee, do you job that’s it.


If you have a goal, go seize the opportunity.
Hold it on your hand, someone will try to steal it from you, do not let them succeed.

You should be the one to achieve the goal and be yourself, don’t let anyone to block your path.

Author: 威廉獅

擁有知識不是力量,分享知識才是力量。 對於新鮮事物保持樂觀學習的態度,創意來自於我對科技的熱愛!! 每週一篇以上分享我生活中、工作上、發現的新事物^_^

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