Taking the Ubike to DanShui


What is Ubike ?

Don’t have a bike you say? Not to worry, since getting your hands on a bike is quite easy! All you have to do is to get a easy card from the MRT station

UbIke stations are outside metro exits and taking one out is as easy as using vending machines.


  1. Place your easy card by the sensor and the Ubike will be unlocked.
  2. Confirm the indicator light.
  3. Pull the Ubike from the dock

how to rent ubike


The riverside bikeways in Taipei City and New Taipei City were already connected from points to lines, woven into a beautiful travel canvas.
You can enjoy the refreshing scenery, attractive natural landscape, as well as the wonderful humanistic touch. With the nostalgia of olden times, you can start your trip from Dadaocheng, pedaling along the Dadaocheng Wharf bikeway and letting the river breeze gently finger through your hair. Unconsciously, you may enter Dadaocheng’s past and present life.
Then riding against the wind through the secret territory of Shilin and Beitou, you’ll see the green stretch of Guandu Plain. Crossing the river and turning onto Bali, here you can savor the elegance of the Left Bank.
This one day little tour will open your eyes to the beauty and the splendor of life.

Author: 威廉獅

擁有知識不是力量,分享知識才是力量。 對於新鮮事物保持樂觀學習的態度,創意來自於我對科技的熱愛!! 每週一篇以上分享我生活中、工作上、發現的新事物^_^

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